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Hi. I’m James Ellis. My mission is to change the conversation around recruiting and hiring by using employer brand thinking. I’ve done agency work, consulting work and owned a Fortune 1000 public employer brand, so I’ve seen employer brand work from many different angles. And I’m still a big believer in the power of employer branding.

I bet you are, too.

Together, we can change the world of hiring! Join the tribe today!

What Are Headlines?

Every week, we deliver the best and most interesting articles in the employer brand space to help keep you sharp, no matter how fast the industry changes. All for free!

If you’re big on learning more about employer branding, here some books I’ve written:

Talent Chooses You
Available June 15, 2020

The World’s Most Caffeinated Employer Brand Podcast

This is the employer brand nerd’s podcast. We do deep dives and ask the big questions to help you better manager your employer brand.

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Great employer brands aren’t splashy, they just feel like organic extenstions of your DNA. But it doesn’t just happen that way.

Here are 99 hacks to ensuring your employer brand really sticks.

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Talent Chooses You

A listing of my current and scheduled books, available in ebook or paperback from Amazon.

James Ellis: Speaking

Videos of my presentations at various conferences and private events.