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99 Employer Branding Activation Hacks

A strong employer brand, one with a clear ROI and sets you up as a major influence within your company, is composed of three major elements:

  1. A data-driven EVP and pillars
  2. A formal activation strategy
  3. An internal socialization and activation strategy


While most companies focus on parts one and two, part three is where your employer brand takes flight, growing and integrating into the company organically and reaping benefits from lower cost per hire and lower regretted attrition.

So to help you make your employer brand stick, I have 99 proven ideas you can use, most of which are low- or no-cost.

Want some examples? We picked some good ones:

Job Postings 

#1 – The first paragraph of all your job postings explain what your company is trying to do. Not some “mission statement,” but what’s the dent you’re trying to put in the universe. Are you trying to make the trucking world more efficient? Are you here to make pets more comfortable? Do you exist to connect people? Say it. And yes, it should be the first line!!!  

Guerrilla Marketing 

#63 – Build a 5-slide deck on the power and purpose of employer branding. Add it to your intranet page. Attach it to every meeting invitation for a month (or six). Make sure to end on a slide that explains why employer brand supports every part of the business’s growth. 


#15 – Convince recruiters to stop calling it an “intake meeting.” When they schedule it, it should be listed as a “talent strategy consultation.” That will help elevate recruiters to be seen less as “order-takers” and more as “consultants,” which they will very much appreciate down the road. 


#80 – Book 30 minutes with each Employee Resource Group to talk about what you do, why you do it, and how they can help you attract more people like THEM. (Gosh, this will go a long way to support your D&I #Diversity initiatives, so don’t be surprised when that team pays attention and starts to help). 

Business Leads 

#17 – Hold a meeting with each team where you reveal the EVP and then ask them to re-write it in their own language. Show all the different EVP translations to everyone else and build consensus about how they see themselves in the brand.  

HR Operations 

#84 – Book a meeting with someone on your HRIS team and learn about what kinds of internal communications tools you have access to. Can you automate messages to staff on their birthday? On their work anniversary? Can you see what schools they went to? These tools are already bought, so figure out how you can tap into them. They will be super useful. 

Content Marketing 

#59 – If you still get pushback on building non-glossy content, put together a short campaign called “[your brand] unplugged!” The campaign is designed to show the unvarnished, un-retouched work that happens inside your company. Sometimes, just labeling the content as “unplugged” gives you more freedom. Then you can see how much more engagement this kind of campaign gets you. 

New Hires 

#91 – One month after start, send one more email. Ask them what they’ve learned about the company that surprises them, good bad or otherwise. Any good things they highlight should get put into your content strategy. Any bad things should help you temper expectations. 

If you need to ensure that your employer brand, the one you spent so much time, energy and money on, sticks, this list of 99 activation hacks will give you plenty of ideas and spark new ones.

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